Collection: Crack stitch kits (frontpage collection)

Strucsol offers a comprehensive range of crack stitching products designed to repair cracks in walls and enhance structural stability. These products are especially useful for addressing cracks in masonry, which can occur due to various reasons:

  1. Subsidence: When the ground beneath or around a property shifts, it can lead to sinking or movement of the structure.
  2. Settlement: New build properties often experience settlement shortly after completion, as the building “settles” into the ground.
  3. Natural Elements: Factors like tree roots or water table levels can cause structural cracking in masonry.

Crack stitching kits provided by Strucsol offer a quick, straightforward, and permanent solution for stabilizing vertical cracks in masonry. Our crack stitch repair kits include all the necessary components for repairing vertical or stepped cracks in masonry walls. By using this kit, you can stabilize the structure, resist further cracking, and restore the masonry’s integrity. 

The crack stitching kit contains everything needed for efficient repairs with minimal disruption. Stainless steel helical barsare inserted into horizontal slots created in the mortar bed joints or across the crack in brick, block, or stonework. These bars are then securely grouted in place using Strucsol HS Grout. Additionally, you can explore the specific products available, such as the heavy duty Stitching Kit.