Collection: Remedial Wall Ties

Strucsol Remedial Wall Ties are a type of wall tie that are used for the replacement of corroded and failed cavity wall ties. They are designed to be versatile, offering benefits such as higher pullouts, speed of installation, consistency, and cost-effectiveness. These wall ties are available in different diameters, with the 8mm and 9mm being the most common.


The working mechanism of Strucsol Remedial Wall Ties is quite straightforward. They are hammered into predrilled pilot holes using the impact action of a light SDS type drill. The hardened fins of the wall tie mechanically fix into the host material in a similar way you would expect a wood screw to work in timber. This unique driving design delivers a fast, easy, and reliable remedy for cavity wall tie failure.


In terms of strength, Strucsol Remedial Wall Ties are designed to withstand high load requirements. The 9mm ties are much stronger than the 8mm ties.  However, for most wall tie requirements, 8mm ties will do the job at a much cheaper cost. The amount of force required to pull a wall tie out of the wall is relevant as the installed ties are there to prevent failure of the wall due to wind suction loads. The ultimate tensile strength of these ties is greater than 15kN, making them a robust choice for securing walls. It’s important to note that wind suction loads can vary depending on the location, with coastal and northern areas experiencing higher wind loads than sheltered inland areas.