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Strucsol Grout Crack Stitch Kit - 6mm x 1000mm bar - 4L Grout

Strucsol Grout Crack Stitch Kit - 6mm x 1000mm bar - 4L Grout

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This crack stitching kit contains all the materials needed to create the structural repair of your crack damaged brickwork- please see our repair manual in the photos or on our website for appropriate preparation and installation procedures. 

Notes The removal of the mortar bed joint is the most difficult part of the process. Professional contractors doing these repairs on a daily basis tend to use dust free cutting systems, the best of which we believe is made by Hilti, model DCSE20 with accompanying dust extraction system. If you have a lot of these repairs to do, it may be worth considering hiring one of these from your local tool hire company. 

Grout, rather than resin is sometimes used for embedding crack stitches in Lime mortar constructed buildings. HS grout is polymer modified and thixotropic which means it does not leach into the lime mortar. Our Strucsol HS grout has been used in the repair of listed buildings for many years and is tried and tested.


Crack stitch repair process

  • Using a mortar raking blade of a 4 1/2inch angle grinder (available separately) is equally effective and much cheaper in small volume. Dust extraction covers can be fitted to your grinder and attached to more readily available dust extraction units

  • Mortar routing blades can also be attached to your 4 1/2inch grinder, to ease the joint prep process.

  • Once the joint is prepared the wires are offered up to the prepared slot, making sure they fit well within the prepared joint. If you're happy with the sizing, remove the wire and prepare to grout the back of the slot.

  • The grout which needs no added water is mixed in the provided bucket. When the grout is smooth it is transferred into the back of the assembled grout gun using the largest of the trowels.

  • A bead of grout is piped into the back of the prepared slot then the wire is pushed into the slot using the smallest of the trowels.

  • Another bead of grout is applied over the top of the bar making certain the bar is covered.

  • The grout is then pressed into the slot, using a finger trowel leaving a recess of around 10mm to repoint over the top of the structural repair.

Kit contains:

  • x1 tub of Strucsol High Strength grout

  • x1 Grout applicator gun

  • x1 Additional stainless steel nozzle for improved reliability and application

  • x1 Mixing Whisk

  • x10pcs Strucsol Ultrabar

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