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Strucsol LocTie 9mm Diameter (remedial wall ties)

Strucsol LocTie 9mm Diameter (remedial wall ties)

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You are best using a 9mm tie when you have a very high load requirement or a really harsh environment. 9mm ties are much stronger than 8mm ties, however for most wall tie requirements, 8mm ties will do the job for you at a much cheaper cost. See here

9mm wall ties have a much thicker central core that the 8mm wall ties, they are generally used for cavity widths greater than 100mm where the core of the 8mm tie has too much lateral flex to meet engineering requirements.

9mm ties are also used when pinning very soft substrates (ie soft brick or aac, cellcon type light weight concrete blocks)

Softer bricks may require pilot holes of as little as 4mm with 8mm diameter ties in order to reach BRE DD140 tensile load requirements.

In this instance a 9mm tie should be specified so an achievable diameter pilot hole can be used.

Remedial cavity wall tie for replacement of corroded and failed cavity wall ties


  • Works in any combination of Brick, Timber, AAC, concrete. 
  • Smaller pilot holes mean less visible damage to the host materials
  • Can be secretly fixed (See below video for instructions) 
  • Limited opportunities for installer error
  • Can be installed by non-skilled operators 
  • High grade stainless steel, appropriate for coastal regions 
  • No resin required for fixing 
  • No mechanical expansion 
  • The installation process is very much "fire and forget"
  • Each tie takes no longer than 10 seconds to fix 


  • Cavity wall tie for all materials and cavity widths of up to 150mm
  • For fixing timber to lightweight concrete block
  • The hardened fins of the LocTie mechanically fix into the host material in a similar way you would expect a wood screw to work in timber
  • The tie is hammered into a predrilled pilot hole and countersunk beneath the surface of the wall with 1 simple tool attachment fitted to a light SDS type drill. 
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