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Strucsol Auto Resin Gun

Strucsol Auto Resin Gun

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StrucSol Auto Resin Gun

 **Resin sold separately

Ideally suited to trades that apply resin on a regular basis, day in day out- this Auto Resin gun is guaranteed to make your job faster, easier and without aching hands at the end of the day. The more you use the gun the more it will pay for itself as you save time and effort. 

Supplied with x1 Lithium Ion battery, the gun also has a flow control adjustment ensuring the resin is delivered at the rate you want. With over 600kg of pushing force, its great for continuous use on cold or hot days.

Spare batteries for this can be found here

Resin for this gun:

Strucsol Polyester Resin 400ml

Strucsol EASF Resin 400ml

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