Window Lintel Repairs

How to Repair a failed Window Lintel

If you want to save yourself time and hassle, get in touch with us- we can look at your repair and tell you exactly what you need, how to do it, or even supply a Strucsol Approved Contractor to do the job for you!

  1. Identify the Issue:

   - Look for cracks in the masonry above the windows and doors. Vertical stepped cracks in the brickwork are a clear sign that the lintel has failed.

   - These cracks usually appear diagonally up and in from the top corners of the windows.

   - Failed lintels may cause bulging masonry and should not extend beyond the width of the window or door.


  1. Consult a Structural Engineer:

   - Before proceeding with repairs, consult a structural engineer to rule out any serious underlying issues.

   - Sometimes cracking is due to other structural problems such as wall movement or foundation issues.

In this case, we at Strucsol can help you with this- send us some photos via our chat or email and we can identify exactly what you need, and even offer a bespoke kit tailored to your repair. If in doubt, call us.


  1. Choose a Repair Method:

   - One effective way to repair window lintels is by using Strucsol Ultrabar 6mm x 10m. These stainless steel reinforcement bars can be used with brick or masonry lintels. Helical bars improve strength with minimal disruption and are a good alternative to installing a new lintel.


  1. Repair Process Using Helical Bars:

   - Rake out the mortar above the window.

   - Install a bead of Strucsol EASF Resin in the raked-out area.

   - Lay two lengths of Strucsol Ultrabar 6mm x 10,000mm into the resin.

   - Once installation is complete, repoint the cut slot with matching mortar.

For full guide instructions on this process, check out our lintel repair video here

If you’re unsure about your repair at any stage, please get in touch- we are more than happy to speak with our customers and guide them in their repair process.