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Strucsol (Heavy Duty) Ultrabar Composite® Crack Stitch Brick Repair Kit [MEDIUM]

Strucsol (Heavy Duty) Ultrabar Composite® Crack Stitch Brick Repair Kit [MEDIUM]

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Strucsol Ultrabar Composite®

We are excited to announce that after years of research and development, we have made a major breakthrough in the structural repair industry. Introducing Strucsol Ultrabar Composite- our strongest performing helical bar ever.

With Strucsol Ultrabar Composite you get:

  • 5 times more tension strength
  • 100% Corrosion Resistance
  • 4 times stronger shear strength
  • 60% less carbon generation during manufacture than stainless steel helical wire

(Versus stainless steel helical bar)

To clarify- despite appearance, this is NOT made from plastic! 

At JT Consulting, we created this product with the idea of creating a product with more sustainably available materials and significant reduction in environmental impact- and crucially NO SACRIFICE to performance or strength- only a massive improvement.

**IMPORTANT** Please note, due to the strength of this bar it is not suitable for bending around corners. If you are stitching around a corner, please use our Steel Ultrabar. However, if you would still like to use composite you can use a mixture of both Composite and steel- get in touch if this is something you're interested in, we can sort it for you. 

For a limited time, we will be offering this at the same price as our regular Stainless Steel Helical kit.

Questions? Call us!

Heavy Duty Crack Stitch Kit (Medium) 

The pack contains all the materials needed to to carry out crack repairs to approximately 10 metres of vertical or stepped cracking (depending on thickness of bed joint)


  • x10 pieces of  NEW ULTRABAR COMPOSITE* 6mm x 1000mm
  • x5 tubes of 400ml StrucSol Polyester rapid set resin and nozzles (25% more resin than standard 300ml tubes) 
  • x1 Heavy Duty Resin Applicator gun

Full technical and design support supplied with product- if you send us a photo of the problem area we will overlay the repair specification onto the photo and recommend required products. See sample method statement in Photos.

Heavy Duty Kit

With the Heavy Duty kit you get a higher quantity of more superior performing resin and a much, much more durable resin gun that will last you as long as you manage to keep it clean. The premium kit is also ideally suited to contractors or people that will be carrying out crack stitch repairs on a regular basis.


Why 400ml cartridges as opposed to 300ml? The 300ml guns usually struggle to push resin through as they are known to be quite weak and originally intended for thinner consistencies (ie decorators caulk)- and make very hard work of pumping the resin out of the tube. In cold weather it is always best to warm the resin in a bucket of hot water for 15mins prior to use, this makes it much easier to pump the resin out of the tube into the area of application. With the 400ml cartridges and the gun we supply with them, you won't struggle to apply the resin and the gun will last you for many more jobs to come- as long as you clean it after use! 

All of our materials and tools are manufactured to the highest quality and are real world tested to ensure quality and reliability. All orders are shipped same day (if order placed before 14:30, otherwise will be posted first thing next business day)

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