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StrucSol Grout Gun Kit

StrucSol Grout Gun Kit

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Pro Nozzle OPTIONAL- please add this to your basket separately if you wish to include it- click here

Strucsol Heavy Duty Grout Gun
A sturdy grout application gun ideal for crack stitching, masonry beam and brickwork repointing. Much more durable and higher volume than the roughneck variants with more power behind the plunger to save your hands, this grout gun should last you many jobs- so long as you remember to keep it clean! Comes with grout whisk, spare plastic pointing nozzle cones and spare barrel included! 

Pro Nozzle: This is not an essential piece of kit, though makes life much easier and is a cleaner way of delivering grout to the back of the prepared slot in the brick. We manufacture this in house using stainless steel (unlike alternatives made with aluminium). The surgical grade thin wall stainless steel (0.3mmm thick) allows for maximum flow rate of grouts and mortars or larger particle materials used in repointing sand. The standard issue plastic nozzles will regularly block up and slow down the flow, and eventually wear down- they're not a patch on this pro nozzle which will last you a lifetime, effectively replacing the plastic nozzle- just be sure to cut off the narrow point of the plastic nozzle! 

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