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StrucSol Cavity Wall Tie Detector

StrucSol Cavity Wall Tie Detector

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Strucsol Cavity Wall Tie Detector 

Having been in the industry of surveying cavity wall ties for over 30 years here at Strucsol, it was a sad day when the trusty Whites wall tie detectors ceased production- they were undoubtedly the surveyor's best friend for detecting ferrous/iron based wall ties. The downside of the Whites detectors was that they only detected iron ties, thus you needed to buy a separate and expensive detector for finding non ferrous and stainless steel ties. However, that has now changed. After testing everything available on the market we are now convinced that the answer to Whites' departure lies with a specially tuned version of the Garret Super scanner. It is fast acting, deep penetrating and most crucially: picks up both ferrous and non ferrous with great reliability and in one single package. No more carrying around separate tools for finding different ties- just one single compact Super scanner operated with one hand. Even the finest wire ties are easily pinged with a quick pass over. 

At Strucsol, it is our go to tool for our continued survey work and surveyor training programmes and we never leave the office without one.

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