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Short Lintel Repair Kit

Short Lintel Repair Kit

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The Strucsol Short Lintel Repair Kit is designed to support brickwork over openings up to 1.0 M wide.


Support of brickwork where structural timber or steel door frames originally provided support and have now been replaced by non load bearing PVC frames.

  • Where existing angle steel lintels have failed
  • Where there is no existing lintel and brickwork has dropped.


The kit removes the need for expensive helical wire lintels or the destruction caused by retro fitting an Angle steel or catnick lintel.

Unsupported bricks are mechanically fixed to brickwork supported by the corbeling action above the frame.


  • Use extra long drill bit (supplied with kit) to drill from the underside of the opening up to the the brickwork that is supported by the corbeling action of the wall. See our video for a visual explanation of this.
  • Insert the 10mm diameter Strucsol Ties into the install tool.
  • Use the hammer action of the drill to drive the ties into the pilot hole locking the brickwork together.

Which Kit Do I Need

The kits available are as follows: 

x3 Ties Kit: This will be enough to complete one window/door- as seen in the video on this listing. 

x6 Ties Kit: Enough for 2 doors/windows

x9 Ties Kit: Enough for 3 doors/windows

x12 Ties Kit: Enough for 4 doors/windows. 

If you're not sure exactly what's needed, please check out our video attached to this listing. Otherwise, contact us direct for more info! 


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