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Heavy Duty Crack Stitch Repair Kit (SMALL)

Heavy Duty Crack Stitch Repair Kit (SMALL)

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The pack contains all the materials needed to to carry out crack repairs to approximately 5 metres of vertical or stepped cracking (depending on thickness of bed joint)

HAVE YOU TRIED our new Ultrabar Composite kits? Our next generation helical bar performing 5 times stronger than stainless steel! See here


  • x5 pieces of  premium grade* 1000mm x 6mm Strucsol Ultrabars
  • x3 tubes of 400ml StrucSol Polyester rapid set resin and nozzles (25% more resin than standard 300ml tubes) 
  • x1 Heavy Duty Resin Applicator gun

Full technical and design support supplied with product- if you send us a photo of the problem area we will overlay the repair specification onto the photo and recommend required products.

see sample method statement in Photos.

*manufactured in the UK out of 304 CU Austenitic stainless steel, unlike lower grade alternatives manufactured from ferritic stainless steel. This means that it has high linear strength and corrosion resistance allowing for consistent maximum bond strength gain when paired with the grout or resin bonding adhesive. Strucsol Ultrabar can be used with great confidence and durability in areas of High salinity such as costal properties without fear of corrosion or fatigue failure. We are the manufacturers of this product so are able to offer the best possible prices for the highest grade products.

Why 400ml cartridges as opposed to 300ml? The 300ml guns usually struggle to push resin through as they are known to be quite weak and originally intended for thinner consistencies (ie decorators caulk)- and make very hard work of pumping the resin out of the tube. In cold weather it is always best to warm the resin in a bucket of hot water for 15mins prior to use, this makes it much easier to pump the resin out of the tube into the area of application. With the 400ml cartridges and the gun we supply with them, you won't struggle to apply the resin and the gun will last you for many more jobs to come- as long as you clean it after use! 

 All of our materials and tools are manufactured to the highest quality and are real world tested to ensure quality and reliability. All orders are shipped 1st class delivery same day (if order placed before 3pm, otherwise will be posted first thing next business day)

If you need any other materials, tools, resources or any advice regarding specific building requirements- don't hesitate to contact us
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