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Endoscope/Borescope for cavity wall inspection

Endoscope/Borescope for cavity wall inspection

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Mini IP67 waterproof colour camera with super-thin 9mm head, easily fits through a 10mm pilot hole. Captures stills and video image from within a wall or floor cavity, also useful for detecting defective drainage gully and blockages. Ideal for video and still image evidencing survey conditions such as:

  • Wall tie condition
  • Floor void condition

Ideal for site technicians to ensure ties are appropriately placed and have missed obstructions such as pipes and cables. This version of the scope has a wide angle end viewing lens 1.0M flexible cable Easy visual inspections in restricted areas. Colour 2.7 TFT-LCD monitor with clear picture resolution. Captures still images and records video to 30 frames p/s. Lens-mounted LED lights for inspecting images in zero light up to 1.5m. USB 2.0 and video out for image transfer/video playback. Includes 4 x AA batteries and Micro SD card.

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